Experience the SNS Lounge, Sponsored by Post-Office Co-Working

We can’t wait! The Southeast’s largest and longest-running technology conference will have its very own tech lounge, sponsored by PostOffice, a brand new co-working space opening in Atlanta very soon!

They’ll be outfitting the lounge with work spaces, our blogger and media area, plenty of comfy soft seating to relax, and a meeting room too! There will also be giveaways of free passes (shh…you can claim yours now by visiting their site).

Here’s what else to expect and check out at the SNS lounge next week:


  • Check in & pick up your conference badges and SNS swag in the lounge
  • Enjoy complimentary Batdorf & Bronson coffee all week
  • Samsung will have awesome VR demos all week and giveaways for two cool Samsung phones
  • AT&T will be onsite providing a discount for SNSers all week
  • Need a free headshot? You can snag them at SNS. Sign up here for Monday appointments. You can sign up all week in the lounge for Friday appointments.

The SNS Lounge will be available all week! It’s located in the Marquis 2 building on the 25th floor (285 Peachtree Center NE, Atlanta, GA 30303.) The lounge will open at 8am and close at 5pm. See you there for this new world of work!

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We’re Living In A PostOffice World.

Offices. People have coveted them. Drawn status from them. And (worst of all) sat in them – for long hours at a time. Fortunately, we’re living in a time of emancipating change. And for a growing number of workers, the office – that former icon of success – has simply become irrelevant. This is life in the post-office world.

Think about it. Who ever thought sitting in an office for eight hours a day was a good idea – for business – or anything else? How frustrating is it to be stuck in a room when the ideas just aren’t coming? Or to have to wait around for quitting time when you’ve met your day’s goals?

The whole 9–5 thing was actually borrowed from Henry Ford, who decided back in 1926 that a 40-hour workweek was a great idea for assembly line workers. Props to Mr. Ford, because he revolutionized the productivity of factories. However we somehow forgot to rethink the plan when work became more about creative problem solving than assembling parts.

90+ years later and the wheels are finally coming off that cart. Jobs have changed over the decades. And so have our relationships to them. While Baby Boomers might have been loyal to one company for 20–30 years, GenXers are serial monogamists, typically staying in place just 3–5 years. And now, with job hopping doubling, millenials could easily rack up 15–20 jobs over a lifetime.

Perhaps the biggest driver in this post-office world has been the advent of mobile technology. With smart phones, laptops, the cloud, Slack, Google Hangout, etc., you just don’t have to go to an office every day to get stuff done. Our dreams and productivity are no longer limited by location.

In this world, a whole new class of freelancers and entrepreneurs is emerging. Millenials, who value flexibility and meaning over vague incentives, now make up the majority of today’s workforce. With them comes the new perspective of job stability through diversity. As many as 68 million workers, representing 35% of the U.S. workforce, have already stepped out of traditional employment and into lives of their own design. And it’s expected that work will continue to shift from full-time to free agents as large employers increase their reliance on a flexible workforce. Even traditional corporations are beginning to see the value in providing away from the office options to boost their teams’ productivity. And by 2020, 60% of creative professionals could be working remotely.

So millions of people are abandoning the corner offices and the cubicles to go – where exactly? Anywhere and everywhere. That’s what working looks like in the post-office world. Home. Coffee shops. Co-working spaces. Bars. Hotels. Parks. There’s literally no limit. And most people will have more than one go-to spot for getting it done, which rocks – because 1) if you get stuck, a new environment can reengage your creativity. And 2) you can stay productive in those in-between times – even if you’re on the other side of town from your regular base camp.

Freedom is what living in a post-office world is all about. Freedom to ditch outdated ideas. Freedom to work where you want, when you want. Freedom to iterate. Freedom to do what works.

Welcome to a Post-Office world.

PostOffice is the co-working lifestyle for pioneers, start-ups, career adventurists, and digital nomads who thrive on flexibility. We give you a place to land and the freedom to do your thing.


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