Sponsorship Coordinator

The Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the overall SuperNova South sponsorship program, securing new sponsors and income, and sponsorship account management. The Sponsorship Coordinator directly reports to the Director of Fundraising but may also work closely with the Executive Director. This role has the authority to carry out the job requirements and responsibilities and is accountable to the Director of Fundraising.

About SuperNova South

SuperNova South is a five day series of workshops, lectures, networking, and social events that bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, solution providers, and executives to discuss leading innovations in technology, explore opportunities in the digital space, and highlight how Atlanta and the south are leading the charge in many of these areas.


  • Continually update target list in CRM.
  • Prepare master sponsorship tracking form – proposals, signed contracts, deliverables that need to be met, etc.
  • Deliver organized, structured, and persuasive presentations, using effective written and verbal communication.
  • Sponsorship Account Management
  • Execute sponsorship plan (timeline) in advance of conference.
  • Hold weekly meetings with Director of Fundraising to review sponsorship status.
  • Provide timely and accurate projections to Director of Fundraising.
  • Submit relevant content and information regarding sponsors and their role to the Director of Marketing for monthly newsletters and social media posts.


  • Must be flexible and ready to adjust/accommodate/adapt to last minute scheduling changes.
  • Ability to manage sponsor expectations.
  • Service sponsors and fulfill contracts.
  • Review and approve final sponsor identification materials including advertisements and conference related materials.
  • Provide sponsors a measurement of their ROI after discussing with Director of Fundraising.
  • Greet sponsors at specific sponsored activities (conference, happy hours, evening events, etc.).
  • Complete all other related responsibilities and tasks as assigned by Director of Fundraising.
  • Ability to dedicate an average of 5-7 hours a week, or more if needed to complete goals, on sponsorship tasks and activities.Motivated to meet and exceed fundraising goals and quotas.  Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with sponsors to meet business objectives.  

All interested parties should contact volunteer@supernovasouth.org.