Track Leader

Track Leaders are collectively responsible for the selection and management of SuperNova South’s 200+ speakers. A team of Track Leaders is selected by the Conference Directors each year to review, manage, and select the conference’s speakers. Each Track Leader is in charge of the track that has been assigned to them, and they are 100% in charge of managing that track from the selection of the speakers, to ensuring all necessary information is collected regarding each speaker and session, to day-to-day communications through the week of the event. It is up to the Track Leader to ensure that the track is a success!

This position reports directly to the Director of Programming. It is volunteer-only, but they do receive a free pass to the conference in return for their time after successfully fulfilling the responsibilities of a Track Leader. Track Leaders will also receive a LinkedIn recommendation from the Director of Programming.

About SuperNova South

SuperNova South is a five day series of workshops, lectures, networking, and social events that bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, solution providers, and executives to discuss leading innovations in technology, explore opportunities in the digital space, and highlight how Atlanta and the south are leading the charge in many of these areas.

How It Works

Each Track Leader is in charge of reviewing the session proposals that have been pre-assigned to their track. The Track Leader reviews the submitted proposals and curates other content. Upon evaluation, the Track Leader selects the most interesting sessions and qualified speakers to speak on the desired topic. Qualification is based on the evaluation of the speaker’s experience. This often requires additional research or preliminary communications with the proposed speaker and their understanding of the proposed topic, among other things. The Director of Programming will communicate with each Track Leader the year’s programming goals, expectations and timeline. The Track Leader is in charge of answering any questions from the speakers and acting as the liaison between the Director of Programming and the speaker in order to schedule the time/day of their session. During SuperNova South, the Track Leader is expected to be present on the day(s) of their track(s) to ensure that their speakers show up in a timely manner and to help everything run as smoothly as possible.

Other Responsibilities

  • Assist the Director of Programming in the selection of preliminary and final event speakers.
  • Seek additional speakers if there are gaps in the track’s programming schedule.
  • Communicate with all speakers regarding status of submission, including those who were not selected to speak.
  • Ensure track speakers show up for scheduled speaking time. If there are last minute changes, Track Leaders are in charge of promptly communicating these changes to the Director of Programming.
  • Answer any speaker questions about parking, directions and last minute scheduling changes up to the day of the event.
  • Provide regular updates to the Director of Programming.
  • Provide regular updates to speakers as it relates to conference details and logistics.
  • Submit relevant content/information to the Director of Programming for use in marketing efforts.
  • Provide exemplary customer service to all conference guests.
  • Attend to needs of speakers at conference.


  • At least 2-3 years of work experience, preferably within a field related to the desired track.
  • Ability to dedicate, on average, 5 hours a week to SuperNova South. Most of the heavy lifting for a Track Leader will happen during summer (particularly May-June), but should expect hours to increase to an average of 10 hours a week 4-6 weeks out from the event. It is possible to keep work to a relatively steady pace throughout the year if organized about deadlines and deliverables.
  • Must be flexible and ready to adjust/accommodate/adapt to last minute scheduling changes.
  • Ability to work well with others.
  • Ability to manage 15+ individuals (speakers and panelists).
  • A passion for technology and digital innovations.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to manage your time effectively.
  • Available for 3-5 team meetings throughout the year including the Programming Team meeting at the end of May.
  • Available the week of the conference, which will be held in early October, to help manage their speakers’ sessions. Volunteers will also be available throughout the week to assist speakers.
  • This role may include light physical work at times. You will be expected to help the rest of the team with conference set-up and teardown as well as regular traveling between session rooms.
  • Assisting with conference location setup the weekend prior to the conference.
  • Promoting SuperNova South via their personal social media channels and in-person opportunities.

All interested parties should contact volunteer@supernovasouth.org.