It’s Here: Our 2015 Schedule!

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We promised you an awesome conference lineup this year, and today we’re delivering on that promise! After much careful deliberation and curation, we’re excited to announce this year’s schedule.

SNS 15 is loaded with the South’s best and brightest digital innovators to provide attendees with killer knowledge and industry know-how. With loads of expertise, our speakers are sure to provide you with insider tips that you can’t get anywhere else.

Check out our track descriptions, and meet some of our powerhouse speakers! You can find our full 5-day schedule here.


Track Overview:

Entertainment: Blurring the Lines Between Work and Play

Our Entertainment track is all about the intersection of digital and entertainment. From sports to gaming to television to pop culture, the entertainment industry has experienced an extreme upheaval over the past few years. The digital entertainment market is growing at breakneck speed; how can we set the rules for engagement for this tremendous opportunity? This track will discuss entertainment trends and predictions, as well as the major and up-and-coming players making their mark in the digital entertainment space today.

Don’t Miss: 

Opportunities in VR and Immersive Technologies for Content Creators, Brands, and Marketers

Asante Bradford, Project Manager, Georgia Digital Entertainment









Track Overview:

From Tellers to Technology: How the Digital Era is Reshaping the Financial Services Vertical

The brick-and-mortar banking system is quickly becoming obsolete, with more and more financial institutions turning to a click-and-mortar model, and many even to a fully online system. Location is becoming a thing of the past as mobile apps allow for remote depositing of checks and easy access to account information as well as customer support. It is crucial to understand how to effectively engage financial customers and build strong relationships through the use of digital media. The path to relevancy now involves a combination of both financial technology and digital marketing, which this track will explore over the course of two days.

Don’t Miss: 

How to Stay in Business Long Enough to Become Rich

Roshawnna Novellus, President, Novellus Financial








Health Tech

Track Overview:

The New Norms in Healthcare

With all of the recent (and ongoing) changes in healthcare regulation, this is an exciting time of growth and development for those providing care, receiving care, and recording care. During this track you will hear the latest on remote medicine, patient empowerment, medical records, and healthcare information security – and how you can take part in the future of wellness.

Don’t Miss: 

Personalized Healthcare and the Empowered Patient

Todd Poley, Marketing Manager, Harmonyx Diagnostics










Track Overview:

Marketing is marketing… or is it? The Rise of Personalized Initiatives

It’s no secret that interacting on an individual level with consumers is becoming a norm in the marketing industry. With consumers at all levels expecting personalized responses, businesses have no choice but to review their strategies and tactics with new lenses. Redirecting and creating new marketing initiatives, for both new and existing products, is essential for businesses that want to stay relevant with their target market. This is especially true when it comes to the development of content for digital marketing and social media. This two-day track will discuss the future of marketing and how can we lead the charge.

Don’t Miss:

Hawks Revival: Religion then Retail

Peter Sorckoff, Chief Creative Officer and Senior Vice President of Marketing, Atlanta Hawks










Track Overview:

All Things Mobile

Atlanta is leading the world in mobile technology and innovation. With over 150 startups in the Atlanta area focused on mobile, we will continue to make significant contributions to the global mobile industry. More people access the internet from mobile devices than computers, and that trend will only continue. This track will discuss mobile innovation in various industries and what the future will bring in this space.

Don’t Miss:

The Intersection of Local, Mobile, and Social

Lauren Zarzour, Account Strategy Supervisor, Vert









Social Media

Track Overview:

Going Social

Social media permeates nearly every aspect of our lives, and while the plethora of emerging products and practices designed to excite and engage us are useful, it can be challenging to stay on top of what’s hot, what’s not, and how we can best use social media to market our businesses, change behavior, and build our brands. The Social Media track will showcase the best and brightest of social media marketing today, as well as educate attendees on best practices, exceptional case studies and the latest research on social networks and social media marketing.

Don’t Miss: 

Social Media and Television: From Relevancy to Ratings

Toby Bloomberg, President, Bloomberg Marketing










Track Overview:

Launching: It Takes a Village

Shaping new ventures based on inspiration can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. But what makes a viable candidate in the marketplace? Why do fewer than half of businesses survive, and why are tech startups beating the average in sustainability? What’s the latest in the Atlanta startup community, and what support can you find? Learn startup shortcuts and secrets to growth in early and second stage startups.

Don’t Miss: 

Doing Business with Large Corporates

Hans Utz, Partner, The Combine, LLC










User Experience (UX)

Track Overview:

User Experience: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Going

User experience is critical to building and maintaining customer relationships, and businesses — from large corporate entities to small start-ups — are listening. According to Fast Company, “user experience is the heart of any company.” What does this mean in terms of current UX practice? What innovations and trends are coming to UX? With case studies and dynamic dialogue, this track will seek to synthesize and imagine UX in Atlanta, both now and in the future.

Don’t miss: 

DANGER: How Things Go Wrong When UX Professionals Fall in Love with Just One UX Technique

Lauren Langley, Expert Interaction Designer, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.









Stay tuned for speaker information and details on our Student Track as well! 

With 5 days full of jam-packed content, evening events, and speakers from across the Southeast, this year will be bigger and better than ever before. You don’t want to miss this – get your early bird tickets while they last. And don’t forget to reserve your accommodations! We’re partnering with Georgia Tech Hotel to bring your great rooms and rates right in the heart of Midtown. See you at SNS 15!

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