SNS Is Partnering with General Assembly for a New Series of Classes

As many of you know, General Assembly is an educational institution with a mission to turn thinkers into creators. We at SuperNova South can get behind that! In this spirit, we’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with General Assembly for a series of classes that each match up with one of SuperNova South‘s upcoming tracks: Social Media, UX, Marketing and Mobile.

Here’s the lineup:

Growing Your Business with Social Media 
Tuesday, June 16; 7:00-9:00 PM

Your business has a social media presence, but what are you doing to capitalize on it? In this class, you’ll learn the most effective methods for creating traffic-driving content, and implementing social media for user acquisition, community management and advertising. It’ll cover the mechanics behind creating an integrated social media strategy, as well as acquiring and retaining fans to foster a robust captive marketing audience. Register here.

Intro to Wireframe and Prototyping 
Tuesday, July 147:00-9:00 PM

If you’re new to prototyping or wireframing then this class is for you. In this hands-on two hour workshop, you will be exposed to the mentality necessary to create great prototypes and get them in front of users as quickly as possible. Students will gain an understanding of how the different tools available can be combined to produce meaningful results to aid with iterative development. Starting at the lo-fi end with pen and paper (it’s important!), the class will move on to lean, web-based tools. Register here.

Data Analysis: Moving from Excel to SQL 
Tuesday, August 117:00-9:00 PM 

Are you using Excel for data analysis? Spreadsheets provide quick and intuitive tools for data analysis, but users can begin to find them cumbersome and unwieldy. SQL and databases can simplify repetitive tasks and enable much more involved analysis, but users may worry they must first master a complex database language in order to do anything. In this class, you will be introduced to the use of SQL queries for data analysis, keeping the focus on analysis by using a graphic SQL program (MySQL workbench). You’ll learn enough query syntax to perform basic analysis and get started on problems too unwieldy for spreadsheets. Register here.

Breaking Down Mobile Marketing
Tuesday, September 87:00-9:00 PM

PMWeb advertising has been around for over a decade, but mobile and tablet advertising is a new and quickly growing segment of online ads that promises to be the future of digital advertising. Between mobile and tablet web ads, in-app ads and content-based advertising, there is a lot to learn about this emerging market. This workshop will give you actionable insights into the various types of mobile and tablet advertising solutions you can use for your business. You will walk away with the ability to plan, implement and manage a simple mobile advertising campaign into your marketing mix. Register here.

We hope you can join us at General Assembly’s new space in Ponce City Market. As a bonus, you can get 20% off the ticket price by using the code supernova“.

We hope to see you there!

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