Our Identity…Opportunity!

Let’s start by saying what all of us are thinking….it’s totally crazy that we have now re-branded twice in two years! We get it.

No one feels that more than all of the volunteers, partners, sponsors, and the community that turned out in huge support for our name change last year. SouthWiRED was a great name and symbolized our shift away from who we were when we started to what we see for our future. One where we connect the Southeast by offering stellar content and unique opportunities to connect in powerful ways.

We made the decision to change our name due to a conflict with a manufacturing company. It seems like a decision like this would have been difficult. It wasn’t. Being a non-profit technology conference, the resources we would have needed to engage with them are much better spent on programming and educational initiatives.

Friends, as we move forward from The Conference Formerly Known As to our awesomely new, not-so-secret identity – SuperNova South – we know that we have an opportunity to be more than just another conference or even just an amazing conference. We want to be a team that brings communities together not just from across the Southeast in Atlanta for a few days a year but also hyper-locally in communities across the region.

This means that while we come together to learn about all things innovative, disruptive, and shiny in the world of technology, we are also going to roll up our sleeves and tackle the issue of ensuring that our next generation of techies span a diverse spectrum of backgrounds. We will be going into communities with amazing partners and volunteers to give kids of all ages (and adults too!) the tools that they can use to live a meaningful life. We will be starting with our first community program in Atlanta this spring and hope to work in communities as far as our regional reach and beyond.

We value you as a member of our community and hope to see you this fall for SuperNova South 2015. It’s going to be big y’all!

Swinging for the stars,
The SuperNova South Team

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