Our Team

SuperNova South is supported by the region’s business community and an all-star team of experts who believe so strongly in the South’s bright digital future that they dedicate their time and resources to producing a world-class event that’s affordable for the masses.

Without our dedicated team, none of this would be possible. With them, we’re unstoppable. Are you interested in joining us? Get in touch to let us know what you can bring to the table.


Kashi Sehgal

Founder & Executive Director

Tracy Pearson

Director of Fundraising

Jennifer White

Director of Operations

Sherean Allen

Director of Marketing

Tiffany Wong

Marketing Coordinator

Tracy Smith

Special Events Coordinator

Asante Bradford

Entertainment Track Leader

Kiki Roeder

Social Media & Student Track Leader

Kate Adams

Operations Coordinator

Maithri Vangala

Scheduling Coordinator

Jessica Fuller

Volunteer Coordinator

M. Cole Jones

SportsTech Track Chair

Nicola Smith

Mobile, IoT, & Marketing Track Chair

Sonia Sequeria

HealthTech Track Leader

Aly Merritt

Content Coordinator

Kim Crayton

Programming Coordinator

Kara Brown

Ambassador Program Coordinator