3 Strategies for Managing Multiple Social Media Marketing Channels

medium_7910370882As a community manager, you must manage your time wisely to effectively leverage your brand. That’s why time management is one of the key traits that digital marketers need to be successful.

As a digital marketer, sometimes you can get so consumed with managing the social media communities of other brands that you neglect your personal social media channels. While managing the social media properties for SouthWiRED, we’ve used a few time-saving tools and strategies that allow us to maximize exposure through various channels without neglecting other responsibilities. Listed below are some tricks of the trade:

1. Use the list feature in Hootsuite to organize your audience

Lists on Hootsuite are a great way to organize the people you want to pay special attention to. Broadcasting content is only one piece of the puzzle to creating a community within Twitter. You must make a note to engage not only your followers, but also influencers within your industry. Create lists centered on a few key topics to broaden your reach.

2. Leverage detailed editorial calendars

Editorial calendars should be your backbone when creating weekly content. As you look at all your social media channels, it can be a daunting task to create content for each individual channel. So keep it simple. For example, the calendar that you create might tabs that include notes regarding campaigns that you need to focus on and categories for posts.

Creating a list of evergreen posts, posts that are recyclable, is another time-saver. For example, you might maintain a collection of saved posts that you can use from week to week and just put a different spin on it each new time you share them. You can leverage this existing content to promote guests to your website, highlight your app, encourage followers to visit your other social media channels, and more.

3. Customize your devices with notifications and more

You’re probably aware that the world of a digital marketer is not constrained within a 9-5 time frame.  The unpredictability of the role makes it exciting! Because the world of social media is so spontaneous, it is an absolute must that you have notifications set up on your mobile devices.

You might even set aside a section on your iPhone that is solely devoted to the social media sites you manage. Keeping these apps grouped together makes it so much easier to see and manage them. Once you set up push notifications for each app, you’re good to go.

These are just a few of the tools that we use to manage social media channels, and they make our job a lot easier. What tools do you use to manage your social media channels efficiently?

– Jasmine Bacon, SouthWiRED Social Media Coordinator

photo credit: Jason A. Howie via photopin cc

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  1. Adam

    Some great tips, thanks for sharing. I use TweetDeck as it’s great to have multiple accoutns set up an and being able to share from one stream to another is made pretty easy.

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