Data Discoveries: Using Social Media Data to Create Tailored Content

medium_5133070639If you’re a creative with a business background, social media marketing may be the perfect field of work for you. You can use your creative juices to create and curate amazing content and use your business acumen to provide detailed reporting metrics.

There are numerous reporting platforms that we use to aggregate date for SouthWiRED. Some of our favorite sources to pull social media data from are Facebook Insights and Hootsuite. These sources have unique features that help you determine if you are going in the right direction with your content.

Experimentation is useful for creating content for a new audience or social media channel, and data is critical to conducting these experiments. Track social media data such as impressions, Likes, and engagement to determine the content that fits best with your targeted audience. Information such as the types of statuses that resonate with your audience and the time that your status is able to get the most impressions are also helpful. It’s all about testing your own market to determine the content that sits well with them.

Your social media data might show surprising results, such as the results in this campaign we’ve recently seen. The content was tailored around an app that focused on multi-textured hair types. We measured our impact using social media data pulled from Facebook Insights. During the initial 30 days we posted status updates that included only written text, text and images, promotional posts, and inspirational posts. This is what we found:

  • Text based posts with no additional content worked well. As popular as image-based posts may be in the content marketing world, they aren’t always the key to success.
  • Posting early in the morning and late at night was the best time to post. From now on, we’ll share most of our posts around these times.
  • Followers enjoyed being a part of a community. Followers enjoyed hearing content about the founders of the hair app and their daily lives. This shows the importance of story-telling in content marketing and social media.

We learned a lot from studying the data, but the success of text based statuses surprised us most. Many content marketers operate under the impression that it is a best practice to have an image accompanying your Facebook post. However, after weeks of experimentation we proved that this theory isn’t always the best route to go for our target market.

The data trends that you discover about your own brand may surprise you as well once you dive deeper into the numbers!

Author: Jasmine Bacon

photo credit: afagen via photopin cc

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